Friday, July 24, 2015

polaroid strawberry sweetheart cards

Whew!  This summer has been kicking my butt!  I finally caught a break from weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and bachelorette celebrations to sit down and make these polaroid strawberry sweet <3 cards for my #ohmyohmyswap partner.  I am loving the color combination!  But honestly, you could stick a strawberry on anything and I'd love it.  Am I right?!

I was feeling these cards so much I made a bunch!  Follow me on Instagram for a 3-pack GIVEAWAY next week!  

I cut the polaroids on my Cricut, super easy as it's just a rectangle with a square inside.  The "SWEET" is the font from the Critcut Font and Basic Shapes cartridge and could easily be replaced with any word like "FRIEND", "HELLO", or "YOLO". 

This better not go in the trash y'all.  Well, at least don't let me see you chuck it.  Deal?

If you want to make this card, here's what you'll need:
  • Kraft card base is 8.5" x 5.5" (folded in half it is 4.25'' x 5.5")
  • Turquoise layer is 4" x 5.25''
  • White polaroid cut from a 4'' x 3.25'' rectangle and a 3'' x 3'' square
  • Patterned square, little bit larger than 3'' x 3''
  • Strawberry cut from the Preserves Cricut cartridge, cut at 2"
  • "SWEET" from Cricut Font and Basic Shapes cartridge, cut at 0.5"
  • Heart from Create a Critter Cricut catridge, cut at 0.6"
  • Red baker's twine
  • This better not go in the trash stamp (on the back) by River City Rubber Works
  • Foam pop dots under the polaroid for dimension
  • Card fits into a A2 envelope (may require extra postage)

Who's your strawberry sweet<3? :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

july 2015 #ohmyohmyswap signs ups are OPEN!


The time has come my friends! Signups for the first ever #ohmyohmyswap are open! The theme is FRUIT and sign ups will be open until June 24th at 8pm EST or until 100 participants sign up.

Please read the below items carefully before committing to this swap :)

  • Packages must include at least 4 items and be worth at least $20. It is not a requirement that all items match the fruit theme but it's more fun that way :) Remember, cute wrapping and packaging says a lot!
  • Packages must be mailed out by July 31st. YOU MUST EMAIL THE TRACKING NUMBER to by August 1st (easiest way is to take a picture with your phone).
  • If you do not send out a package to your partner, not only will they be super bummed, you will also not be able to participate in future swaps. If something happens and you are not able to complete the swap, please email me so your partner will not be disappointed.
  • Currently the swap is only open to swappers with a US mailing address.
  • Use the #ohmyohmyswap on instagram to show off your beautiful wrapping, give your swap partner a sneak peak, or brag about what you got!


Looking forward to seeing all your fruity packages!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

the first #ohmyohmyswap is FRUIT themed!

Do you get pee-your-pants excited when packages come in the mail?  Are gifts your love language?  Do you love wrapping gifts?  Do you love unwrapping gifts?  Is Secret Santa your thaaaaang?  Do you love fruit more than you should?  

Yes?  Whew, it's not just me then.  Good news for us!  The first ever #ohmyohmyswap sign ups are June 22nd!!   If you're new to swaps, they're just like secret santa exchanges except you will be swapping with the same person who has you!  

Mark your calendars, signups start June 22nd.  Follow my instagram for more details on dates and $ limits! @happy_noelani_lee

Sunday, April 12, 2015

bri's chinese themed bridal shower

I love bridal showers!!  There's always free delicious dainty  food, fun games, and lots of presents.  My favorite part is when the bride opens a gift like tupperware and everybody ooohs and ahhhs.  It cracks me up that we women can get so excited over tupperware.  

And as much as I love going to bridal showers, I think I love planning a bridal shower just as much!  Yesterday my small group threw a mini bridal shower for our friend Bri because her actual bridal shower was too far for all of us to go.  The bride-to-be taught in China for five years and has such a loving heart for that country and the people.  A Chinese theme was only natural!  I had such a blast planning this!

And of course I had to DIY some stuff.  Like these super cute bamboo cupcake toppers!  

Yes, they are adorable.  No, they are not practical.  Sometimes cuteness is just for cuteness.  

Super simple DIY.  I cut the bamboo on my Cricut from the Create a Critter cartridge (panda accessory) at 2.5 inches, glued it on a toothpick, and tied on some red ribbon.  And a little glitter never hurt anybody!  I used a tiny punch on gold glitter paper for the little heart.  A little tedious but I am in love with them.

For food, we tried to keep it light and dainty with mini dumplings, turkey lettuce warps, and Mandy from Noodles Knows made an oriental ginger salad with oranges that was to die for.  I loved it so much, she let me keep the leftovers!  And of course the bride's favorite - milk tea!  I used the Boba Guys' recipe for jasmine milk tea and it was all gone by the end of the party.  :)

The food cards were another easy DIY.  Just a quick cut and stamp.  It's the little details that win people over!

Here's my favorite picture of the bride-to-be showing off her new double happiness wedding dress hanger!  

And everybody go to go home with a real bamboo plant and a extra cupcake.  Gotta love IKEA, each bamboo was only $1.99!  

We had a great day just being together as girls and loving on Bri!  And I'm looking forward to my next bridal shower this summer (the likes of which I cannot talk about yet, it's a surprise)!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

diy vintage spring paper garland

A couple weeks ago my friend Bri asked me to help her make a circle garland that she saw on Etsy for her bridal shower.  They weren't terribly expensive but definitely looked like something we could do ourselves.   So she came over one night, Chick-fil-A in hand, and we gave it a go.  It turned out amazing and was so incredibly easy that I decided to make this spring themed version for a swap I'm participating in (sort of like a crafty fun secret santa).  

It was literally just punching shapes and sewing them together.  In my best Chandler impression, could it BE any easier?    

Here's Bri sewing her circles together!  Didn't she picked such fun colors?

For my spring version, here's what I used:
  • Butterfly punch
  • Scalloped circle punch
  • Spring themed scrapbook paper (I wouldn't use card stock since we are sewing together multiple layers)
  • Vintage book pages (I just went to the thrift store and bought an old book)
  • Sewing machine and coordinating thread
  • Ribbon

I layered my paper so that the scrapbook paper was facing outward on both sides and 4 layers of vintage book pages were in between.  I then punched a bunch of piles and lined them up neatly next to the sewing machine so I could grab them and feed them through easily.  I tried to do more book pages in between but my punches had a little trouble getting through so many layers so you may need to adjust the number of layers you use. 

When sewing, try to keep the times between feeding a new pile into the sewing machine even so they will be evenly spaced.  Don't worry if the layers shift a little when you push them through, you're going to fluff them up later so it won't be as noticeable.  

When you've reached your desired length, tie the thread at the ends and trim it off.  Fluff the layers of each one so you can see the book pages and give it dimension. 

Lastly, I used super glue to attach a bow with a loop for hanging at the top.  I also glued on a button just for funzies.  

Because I had to send this through the mail, I needed to find a way to keep it from getting smushed.  And as much as I hate mason jars (solely because of their dang ubiquity), I have to admit this is pretty adorable.

Hope you enjoy!  The possibilities are endless - I am already imagining a Christmas themed one and a Valentine's Day one!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

my top 5 wedding planning tips

I just got back from one of the best weddings I've ever been to and I have three more to attend this year!  It's that season of life guys - everybody and their mama is getting married!  In honor of the upcoming wedding season, here are my top 5 wedding tips!

5.  Don’t have a long engagement

This advice was given to me by my friend Bonnie before I was even engaged and it was really good advice.  I realized that whether you’re engaged for a year or a couple months, that period is consumed with wedding thoughts.  I would rather be stressed out for a couple months than stressed out for a year.  And let’s be honest, you can take a year and plan, plan, plan to your hearts content, but it will still be stress and hell and chaos the last three weeks. Or maybe that was just me.

4.  Choose a venue with a good back up plan

If you’re getting married outside, pick a venue with a good backup plan to save you stress and worry about the weather.  We got married outside on a deck overlooking the Chesapeake Bay and I didn’t even check the weather before the wedding because I honestly didn’t care whether it rained or not.  Of course I wanted clear skies and beautiful sunshine but if it rained, my venue had a beautiful backup plan that would have been just as awesome inside. The venue had really big floor to ceiling windows where you could still have a good view of the water from inside.  One less thing to worry about!

3.  Little things that don’t really matter, DIY

You’re not going to want to hear this (I know because I did not want to hear it), but table number cards, programs, etc… nobody cares!  They all get thrown away at the end of the night so don't waste money on these.  Make them yourself or enlist a crafty friend to help you with them.  

Table Numbers - We asked our college friend Stephen to draw a cartoon version of us for the table number cards and then I printed them out on card stock. 

Escort Cards - Seriously don't waste your money on expensive/fancy escort cards.  Nobody saves them!  I printed them out myself, punched them out with a circle punch, and had my awesome sister in laws tie them to the wedding favors.

Programs - I printed these out myself with some fancy font and pictures from our engagement photo sessions.  Enlist somebody to help you fold them or do it while binge watching Netflix!

2.  Online RSVP

The wedding budget is no joke!  Some things have to get cut.  For me, RSVP cards were one of the easiest things to chop.  You can save some money by not having to buy the RSVP cards, the return envelopes, and the postage you would have to provide each guest for them to send it back to you.  Not only cheaper, but I think online RSVPs are more convenient for you and your guests too.  We had a free wedding website on the knot where guests could log on, view the menu, and RSVP with their meal choice.  And every time someone RSVPs, you get an email!  I loved that.

I also liked it because it was very clear who was invited and who was not.  Each guest searched for their name and was shown their entire party.   Guests did not have to guess and they also could not invite somebody else and claim ambiguity.  

The only downside I saw of this is that you have to spend the time uploading the guest list into the site. 

1.  Do a HoneyFund

My number 1 advice is to do a HoneyFund!  A HoneyFund is like a gift registry but instead of gifts people can help you pay for pieces of your honeymoon.  After paying for the entire wedding ourselves, we had nothing left over for the honeymoon so this was the best idea ever.

You itemize your entire honeymoon and let your guests choose.  For example, our flights to Hawaii were around $2,000 total.  We had on the HoneyFund twenty $100 pieces. You should have varying amounts so everybody can afford something.  Our lowest amount was only $10.  Itemizing everything is definitely a task for the Type A organizer/planner.

Here's what our HoneyFund looked like:

It's free if you want your guests to do cash or check but you can also add the option of Paypal gifts.   If you do the Paypal option, HoneyFund will keep a small % of the gift as a fee.  We opted for the Paypal option because it was way easier for our guests and frankly I think we got more because of it.  

A friend of mine really wants to do this for his wedding but his fiancĂ©e was looking forward to gifts.  So my advice is, do both!  My maid of honor convinced me to do a Bed, Bath, and Beyond registry too but I was worried everyone would do that and the honeymoon wouldn't get funded.  Not only did my honeyfund get fully funded but I got some things from Bed, Bath, and Beyond at my bridal shower that I love!  Typically the older generations like the aunts/uncles and grandparents will give you gifts off the registry and the younger generation will give to the HoneyFund.

Bonus tip:  Do your own flowers

And the last tip I have really isn't a tip because it may not be for everyone.  I chose to do my own flowers to save some money and it was totally worth it!  It definitely adds a little stress however because you do have to dedicate the day before the wedding to make them.  But I enlisted the help of my maid of honor and it was totally a time I will cherish forever.  I put together the bouquets and she wrapped and pinned them.  

If you're worried about doing it, just know that it is a lot easier than you think!  Honestly, flowers are so beautiful you could slap them together blindfolded and they'd still look amazing.  I took a basic floral arrangement class through LivingSocial, it was only like an hour but I felt so empowered to do my own flowers!  And when in doubt, YouTube!

All I did was find a picture of a bouquet I liked and found out what kind of flowers were in it.  I then made a spreadsheet of every flower thing that was needed (1 bridal bouquet, 6 bridesmaids bouquets, 8 bouttenieres,  30 small vases, etc.) and estimated how many of each flower was needed for each and was VERY generous with extras just in case.  I bought all the flowers from and I ordered them very very far in advance.  They came three days before the wedding because some needed time to bloom.  When they arrived, I bought clean paint buckets from Home Depot, filled them with clean water, cut the stems and put them in.

Keep it simple and you'll be fine :)  My centerpieces were just small vases I found at thrift stores and spray painted light gold.   No floral arranging necessary.

If you're getting married, I hope you have the best day ever!!  Just remember to HAVE FUN!  It really does go by in a blur.

Classy, am I right? 

All photographs by Mike Sperlak Photography.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

the grand canyon

Last week we flew to California for one of the best weddings I've ever been to.  My husband's sister got married and everything about the wedding was amazing.  From the prettiest little church I've ever seen to the incredible food to the Vegas after party.   I had the best time!  I actually love spending time with my in laws - they are seriously the best.  God has no doubt blessed me with the best in laws I could ever hope for.  I have adored my husband's parents since the first time I met them, became close friends with his sisters and their spouses, and absolutely fell in love with my niece and nephew.  I thank God for them everyday!

My husband assures me that Deborah from Everybody Loves Raymond felt the same way when they first got married but I am sure it is not the same!  Also, I love that my husband knows that I view the world through an Everybody Loves Raymond lens lol.

Since we were already on the west cost, my husband and I decided to drive to the Grand Canyon after the wedding to recreate our first date at the El Tovar restaurant.   We started dating almost 5 years ago and our first official date was during a blizzard on the canyon's south rim.  We thought for sure we would avoid the snow this time.

We were so wrong!  So much snow was dumped on the canyon this time that it was the first time they canceled mule rides in years!

But let me tell you, there is almost nothing that can deter from the sheer beauty of the Grand Canyon.  I took these pictures on my iPhone - even a camera phone cannot mess this up!  

If all creation testifies to a Creator, the Grand Canyon sings His praises at the top of it's lungs.  Absolutely breath taking! 

And then we flew home just in time for a foot of snow to fall where we live.  I. am. so. SICK. OF. WINTER.  Will spring ever come?!  Will I ever be able to wear flip flops again?!  Will the madness ever end?!

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